Holly Melton

Author, Speaker, Ministry Coach

My first summer missions trip was in 1998 to Ocean City, New Jersey, when I was a junior in college. It was that summer I shared the gospel with a girl, Christy, who thought she was a Vampire. She had tried to kill herself but hadn’t died and thought she was immortal. She sacrificed animals and drank their blood. Somehow the Lord was able to give me the words to show her that in a sense, we are immortal, sacrifice is necessary and blood is essential…but the only real answer is found in Jesus.

Christy came to Christ that night grasping her need for a final sacrifice found only in the blood and death of Jesus. The next day she told me that she wanted to learn how to share her faith like I had with her! So, we went out and met a boy on the boardwalk and she shared the gospel with him and he came to Christ! I was in such awe of how the Lord had transformed her life, that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my future but share Jesus with others.

After graduating from the University of Arizona in 1999 with a Marriage and Family Therapy degree, I joined staff with Cru. I was placed at UC Berkeley and ministered on the campus there for 5 years. I began to take teams of students overseas to London and then East Asia. That is when God gave me a heart to go overseas for a longer period of time. I left Berkeley in 2004 and headed to East Asia for two years. Within those two years, my team saw over 1,400 college students surrender their lives to Christ and ministries were started on 12 campuses in our city. All discipleship and training was underground and we saw the Lord work in miraculous ways. Unfortunately, the language didn’t come easy for me, so after I raised up 2 nationals to take my place, I came back to the states to help give leadership to our region.

I joined the Regional Leadership Team of the Pacific Southwest in 2006 as the Campus Field National Director. In that role, I trained and coached our campus team leaders in Arizona, California and Hawaii. I traveled to as many campuses as possible each year to encourage and train our staff and students how to reach every student with the gospel. In August of 2014, I stepped down from this role to better care for our children and so that I could focus more on speaking engagements.

One of my focuses have been training teams before they go overseas and coaching them while they serve there. I have coached teams that have been sent to East Asia, Europe, North Africa as well as the Middle East. I specifically train in: cross-cultural ministry, how to contextualize the gospel, and how to have healthy teams while living in close quarters overseas. This has enabled me to visit 28 countries as I help teams be more effective on the mission field.

As a certified as a life coach, I can dialogue with staff and students to think through where God is calling them to go and the practical steps of how to get there. We know not everyone is called to vocational ministry, but we are all called to be a part of the Great Commission. I like to help people figure out how they can do that with where God’s called them be. My passion is to speak and teach others how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit so that they can appropriately share Jesus with others. I’m the author of the book, “Follow My Lead: Responding to God’s Voice in Everyday Encounters” that can be used in small groups to help us all learn how to better bring Jesus into the conversation with others. Our 5 week Evangelism training course can be found on our website and can be shown as small groups go through my book.

I am currently on our global missions team where I go speak on college campuses to cast vision for students to go to the world. I coach staff on how to keep world visions at the forefront of their ministries. I also travel to speak at churches and youth/young adult gatherings, as well as evangelism trainings for churches and organizations.