A Post-It Note Starts A Movement


God works in mysterious ways, including post-it notes! We needed to find a faculty advisor for Cru to become an established club on Glendale Community College.  The problem was we had no clue how to find one.  Then someone suggested to put a post-it note on any car window in the faculty parking lot that had a church sticker or Christian symbol. We hoped that indicated the driver might be a believer.  So, one morning, 4 of us mama’s went on campus and wrote on post-it notes that we were trying to start a Christian club on campus and would like to talk to them further if they were interested in possibly being our faculty advisor.

     Two hours after we put post-its on car windows, I got a call from Charlie. He found a note on his car.  The strange thing was his car had no Christian sticker of any kind.  Those of us who put the post-its on the cars only put them on cars with stickers or symbols so that we wouldn’t get in trouble with the school. Charlie said that he believes either God moved the post-it note to his car, or we thought we saw a Christian sticker but it wasn’t really there! The very next day, he met with us and agreed to be our advisor on the spot.  He has a real heart for the hurting and lost students on campus and even teaches an evangelism class at his home! 

     But that’s not all that God did this month. We now have 7 student leaders for the two campuses, GCC Main and GCC North.  These students gathered at our Cru Fall Retreat to pray and created a strategic plan. Their top two strategies are Prayer and Evangelism.  They want to intentionally pray for their classmates, pray for people on campus who want prayer and prayer walk the campus.  For evangelism, they will start with a social media outreach Nov 4-8.  One of the greatest realities of students on community colleges is that they are lonely. They lack community.  In light of this felt need, our students will post on their Instagram and Facebook an article from the EveryStudent.com website called, “What to do with loneliness?”. They will then engage with their friends on this topic through their social media platforms and share their own stories of how they have come out of loneliness and found community with God and others. We are hoping to invite seekers into our community to engage with them further about God and the gospel.  

     We are greatly encouraged to see how motivated these students are to take steps of faith to reach their peers with the gospel on their campus! Please pray that the student counsel will approve Cru to be an official club on campus before the end of the semester so that we can reach out in a more open way next semester. God is on the move!!! 


Matt will be in North Carolina for a week of meetings Oct 20-25 with all the other Cru Creatives in the country.

We will be having Matt’s sister and brother-in-law move in with us for a few months while they look for a house in the Phoenix, AZ area. We are excited to have some of his family move closer to us. 

Carter turns 6 on Oct 29th. We greatly enjoy his passion to learn in school and his heart for the Lord. Thank you for praying for us and caring for us personally, not just our ministry!