Matt Melton


I’ve been in children’s ministry since 1994. As a techie I gravitated to leading the tech team. I was then challenged to start acting in front of the kids by being different characters (that I had to create). I didn’t like that idea, but felt like I’d try it. Unbenounced to me, I loved acting and learned how to ad-lib. Shortly after acting in kid’s ministry, I started making videos and editing them for our drama team…AND LOVED IT! I’ve been using my videography & video editing talents in the workplace since 1999. <br><br> In the course of dating Holly, I was able to learn more about Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ. I was able to attend a Staff conference in April 2012 and really see more of Holly’s world. I remember sitting at the staff conference and asking God if He was ‘expanding’ my ministry that He has already given me. I felt such a peace about it. I told Holly the next day that I am going to apply for staff with Cru. She thought I was joking. One thing I appreciated about our journey while dating is that Holly never push/forced/hinted to join staff. <br><br> I joined staff September 2012 (a week before we got married). I was on the Operations Team at the Regional office in Irvine, CA for the first year. I am currently on the Cal State Fullerton Cru team as a full-time field staff. It’s very exciting to see how God is using me as I continue to trust Him with each step.