A Legacy, Training Students & New Campus: New Movement

The Legacy of Lillian Davis, Matt’s Grandmother

Matt’s grandmother went to be with the Lord on July 19th. We were supposed to head out to Cru’s biannual conference in Colorado, but were given a last minute exemption so that we could rush back to CA to visit her. We got to be with her the last day and a half of her life. Matt got to encourage her with the legacy she has left with 4 children, 17 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. He read to her from her “Jesus Calling” devotional. Holly sang to her and read from the Psalms. There was such beauty in seeing her worship God. Briella would sit by her side, caress her arm and sing to her. Our children now talk about heaven all the time. Please pray for Matt and his family. She had lived with his family since 1993 so not having her in his parent’s home is a lot for the family to grieve.

Training Students to go to the World

Liz (left) & Holly (right)

Holly’s summer consisted of training and coaching students traveling overseas to the Middle East, East Asia, Japan and Puerto Rico this summer. The team heading to the Middle East had a student on it who is from the Middle East but has been an exchange student here. He came to Christ through our ministry, and has been on two other Cru summer missions before this one. His heart was to head to the Middle East before he returns home so that he can be more effective in reaching his own people with the gospel. His life will truly be on the line as he heads back to his home country. Please pray for him.

New Campus: New Movement

Starting mid-August, Holly will meet with students at Glendale Community College to find key student volunteers to train and coach how to reach their campus through evangelism and discipleship. Please pray for at least 5 aligned volunteers. Thirty-two thousand students attend GCC. We are going to try to find students who are spiritually interested by posting adds of everystudent.com articles on facebook and instagram. After reading the articles, the students can email if they want to dialogue further. Holly will then personally follow up with these students face-to-face and share the gospel with them. Pray that more students come to Christ with this new strategy as we trust God to show us who are the most spiritually interested and ready to hear the gospel.

Personal Update & Prayer

Carter started Kindergarten and Briella started preschool this past week. Please pray God shows us how to meet other parents and be a light in their schools. Also, please continue to pray for us as we get to know our neighbors and go deeper with them about life and spiritual things. Thank you for your prayers and partnership as we continue to impact this world for Christ! Your partnership is truly changing lives!

Thank you for your love and prayers for us and our family!