Same Mission….New Roles

     This summer in Santa Monica was a significant time in revealing to Matt how much he enjoys investing in men and training them to be missional on their campus. It was clear that God was asking him to pursue joining a campus team and leave his role as videographer/video editor in our regional office. Only two weeks after we returned from Santa Monica, Matt was assigned to serve on the North Orange County/ Long Beach Team, which reaches out to 11 campuses, including Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach. In the past 3 weeks they have initiated with over 800 students, and as they are following up with those who are spiritually interested, they’ve already seen 3 students come to Christ! Matt’s role on campus will be to disciple a handful of guys on the two main campuses, lead an upperclassmen small group, and oversee the weekly meeting at Cal State Fullerton.

     Holly also has made some transitions in her ministry focus. In August, she stepped down from being the National Director of campus ministry so that she can travel less and serve more from home while being with Carter. Her three main focuses will be to continue to coach some teams on the field via long distance coaching, to continue to have speaking engagements and lead small groups to train others on how to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in sharing the gospel with others.

• Following up the 800 contacts and continue to share the gospel with them.
• Fall Retreat Sept 26-28. Pray students would come, grow in their faith and non-believers come to Christ.
• We are MOVING Oct 11th one block from Cal State Fullerton! Pray for helping hands and for extra finances for the cost of moving and appliances we’ll need.

Carter, our little handsome

Carter is now 10 months old and walking around on the walls and furniture!

     Thank you for being a part of our journey and our ministry! You are a part of seeing lives changed because of your investment in us!

Matt, Holly and Carter Melton