Miracles Happen


     We’ve witness two miracles this past month and we can’t wait for you to praise God with us!

David and Christine, with their children:
Ethan (9), Anna (7), Titus (6) and Zach (4)

     Please pray for us this coming week, as their four children ages 9,7,6, and 4 are staying with us from May 16-25 to give their parents some time to reconnect and give them a change of scenery.  

Walter & Lacey

     The second miracle happened on campus at Cal State Fullerton.  In February, we told you about the evangelistic event we had on campus called “The Maze” where over 700 students came to watch an illusionist perform his illusions and then share his testimony.     
     Well, one girl, Lacey, who attended, mentioned to her co-worker, Trevor, who is a student in our ministry, that she’d like to meet with someone to talk about spiritual things. She met with one of the staff women, Kelsey, and heard the gospel clearly for the first time.  She admitted that she’d been searching for love and acceptance, not knowing where to find it and was encouraged to hear that she didn’t have to be perfect to accept the gift of forgiveness in order to begin a personal relationship with God.   Lacey prayed to receive Christ that day and texted later, “God worked a miracle for me today...I’m not joking, right before my eyes...He gave me something amazing."
     A few days later, Lacey brought her boyfriend, Walter, to her first discipleship time and said, “You have to tell him what you told me!”  After hearing the gospel, he too prayed to receive Christ.     
     What’s even more amazing is that one of our Cru alumni, Jimmy, works with Walter and is friends with Kelsey.  When he heard that Walter is now a believer, he said that he’d been praying for Walter to come to know Jesus for a very long time!      

     Praise God that He uses our prayers to heal people physically and spiritually!

Carter enjoys his little sister, Briella!

Below are two video testimonies of students coming to Christ at University of Arizona & Arizona State University.



     Holly had the opportunity to speak on live radio on May 11th. Listen to that radio interview from My Faith Radio below.
Radio Interview with Holly Melton

Thank you for partnering us in prayer as we minister to others!