Summer Training + Training Leaders


Cru15 at Colorado State University

    This summer we gathered with over 5,000 other Cru staff to be trained and developed by Christian thought leaders in becoming more effective ministers of the gospel. We discussed how to partner better with other organizations, how to be better learners of other cultures and how to further the gospel around the world. Thank you for investing in us with your prayers and financial support. We had exactly what we needed financially with $2 over our goal!


     Holly will be focusing on coaching a team of interns leading the multiple ministries at Cal Poly Pomona. They will meet at our home on Friday’s while the kids are napping so that Holly can coach them toward reaching the whole campus with the gospel. (This pic is of both of our teams coming together for a day of training.) Holly will also be teaching this semester an online class to senior staff on Biblical Conflict Resolution. It’s been encouraging to find ways for Holly to stay engaged in the mission with her spiritual gifts of teaching/training while still being active at home with the kids.

    Please pray for us as the next 6 weeks is a crucial time where students are open to exploring spiritual things as well as trying to figure out what groups they want to associate with. Please pray we follow the Spirit’s lead as we engage with others. Pray for hearts to be open to the gospel. Pray for endurance for our family, as the first 6 weeks are long days and busy nights.

Thank you for your partnership through prayers and finances in reaching this next generation with the gospel! We couldn’t do it without you!