Boston Students Sharing the Gospel

Boston Students Sharing the Gospel

This was Holly’s 4th time traveling to Boston to speak to the Summer Mission there about living their one life for God’s Kingdom and not their own. Students from MIT, Harvard and Yale gather together for two weeks to learn how to share the gospel, and live on mission in whatever field and career they will end up in. Holly got to take out two young women sharing at the Boston Commons. Taylor and Sayna had never shared their faith before. Taylor only became a believer in November and was excited to learn how to share the gospel since she was from a Buddhist background. We approached 5 women to talk to them about their spiritual journey and all 5 wanted to talk to us. Though no one came to Christ, one mother who is a linguist scholar, a self-proclaimed atheist, said that so many people have encouraged her to read the Bible over the years and she finally feels like it’s time to read it. Her curiosity was increased and a next step in her journey toward Christ will continue.

From Spring Break to Summer Mission…
Liz’ Changed Life

Liz (left) & Holly (right)

    Liz was in Panama City Beach for Spring Break.  It was there she came to Christ.  Since March, her life has drastically changed.  Here’s what she wrote Holly in her own words:

     “ How God used you absolutely changed the course of my life.  I can only imagine where I would be right now if I had not experienced God as I did during Spring Break.  I can assume that I probably would have failed most of my courses this semester while continuing my excessive drinking, smoking away all my feelings, and diving even deeper into sexual sin; however, this is gracefully not the case.

     Upon returning to Western Virginia University, I continued to experience God’s embrace. The loving and caring community that I formerly dismissed at Cru took me in with open arms and they are continually supporting me in my walk with Christ.  I have found a secure women’s community in which I attend a women’s Bible Study at 7am and have accountability partners for my struggles with sexual sin and making sure I have my quiet time.  I have taken steps of faith this semester from being vulnerable to others about my anxiety and depression, to surrendering my struggles to God.  I have also applied for leadership on the socials team for Cru next year.  The biggest step of faith I have taken is I am going on a summer mission with Cru. I will be working at Walk Disney World with the mission to share the gospel with the thousands of international students Disney employs.  I am so excited to follow God’s will for me this summer. I am so truly grateful God placed you in my life. You were and are a catalyst for great change in my life.” 

Discipleship & Training Websites

Matt is working on multiple websites for the campus ministry. One is called, “Reaching Internationals” and it’s to help train people step by step how to reach international students with the gospel and preparing them to be sent ones back to their countries. We have more than one million students from over 100 nations here in our country. We can truly reach the world from our campuses!

Matt is also working on a website called, “Sexual Wholeness Toolkit for Discipleship”. Resources for small groups, books and videos will be available to come alongside those seeking freedom from habitual sexual sin. This is one of the most prominent struggles to help students walk through so that they can greatly be used for God’s glory.

Personal Update & Prayer

@ Carter’s Preschool Graduation May 21, 2019

Carter graduated from preschool and is loving to learn how to read. We are housing another family for the next few months. Please pray we are good hosts, that our children would enjoy each other, and that we would all grow while living in community. Pray we would acclimate well to the heat of Phoenix and know how to continue to engage with neighbors when less people are outside. Pray for Holly as she travels to Los Angeles to brief students going to the Middle East June 18-21. She will also help debrief a team in Puerto Rico June 29-July 3. Pray for Holly as she is considering different roles within Cru next fall: either Evangelism Strategist for the campus ministry or launching a new movement at Glendale Community College with the ASU team.

Thank you for your love and prayers for us and our family!