Partnering to Reach Every Student


Partnership is essential if we are going to reach this next generation with the gospel. As Holly has been on the Glendale Community College this month, it became evident that a mama on the campus two mornings a week will not be enough time and resources to start a ministry. Praise God that our church, Christ’s Church of the Valley, is enthusiastically partnering with us to raise up student leaders for not just Glendale Community College but other campuses in the valley! We will partner with Christian Challenge, a Southern Baptist ministry on campus as well. They have Bible Studies on campus that are open groups to invite seekers to. We will be coming alongside of them to have a greater focus of prayer and evangelism on the campus. They are excited to join us in sending students on global missions. Holly also visited Grand Canyon University, a Christian university, that is now only about 50% Christian. The global missions director is excited to partner in raising up students to send teams to the world as well as Holly come in to cast vision for missions and train students in evangelism.

     Please pray for us as we are still trying to start an official Cru ministry at Glendale Community College. We have 3 key volunteers and some students interested in being a part of the club. We will be heading to ASU’s Fall Retreat Oct 4-6 where we will pray, come up with next steps and truly launch the ministry in October.


Liz (left) & Holly (right)

     Resourcing you to make disciples We would like to offer you a free resource on our website to help you make disciples. 18 lessons to become more like Jesus, learn how to share Jesus with others and multiply oneself as a disciple-maker. We truly want to partner with churches and other ministries when it comes to raising up Disciple-Makers, and that includes you!

This resource is easy to walk through with a disciple with no preparation needed. The Great Commission says in Matthew 28:19, “Go and make disciples…” We pray you’d accept this gift so that you too can make disciples where you live, work and serve. Please go to this link to receive your free digital copy:


Carter and Briella have been taking steps of faith at school. Both are praying every night for the “mean kids” in class who need to know Jesus. Carter approached one such boy at recess and asked if he knew Jesus. Surprisingly, the boy said yes. Carter then replied, “Then why don’t you act more like Him?” Ha! We still have work to do, but we are excited to see them be bold for Jesus and begin conversations with others! Please pray for Matt as he’s now working on 5 ministry sites including our National website for the high school ministry of Cru. Pray for Holly as she is speaking at University of Arizona’s Fall Retreat Sept 27-29 in Prescott, AZ.