Pressing in to the Spirit

   Holly’s main focus with Cru this year has been coaching the Cal Poly Pomona Cru staff team. She was invited to come speak at their Cru Fall retreat on “Pressing in to the Spirit” to help the students grasp how the Holy Spirit can help us say no to our flesh and yes to holiness; how to forgive, even when we are sinned against; how to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the spiritual conversations we have with others, and how we need to surrender to the leading of the Spirit if we want to see God significantly use our lives for eternal things. 

   It was after the first evening talking through Galatians 5 and how we battle with our flesh and the Spirit, that a young girl came up to Holly and admitted that she was living a double life. She was on a leadership team with Cru and was involved with hooking up with men randomly on a frequent basis. After a lengthy conversation about God’s holiness, this young girl decided she needed to repent of her worldly ways to the Lord and surrender her life to Him. 

   Another woman came up to Holly after her talk on Biblical forgiveness in Acts 6 & 7. She said that two years ago she had been raped by a guy she knew and she feels like she has forgiven him, but wanted to know if she was then not supposed to report the incident if she forgave him. Holly got to explain to her how God gave us laws and a court system to protect us and and that reporting him isn’t a sign of hatred or vengeance, but getting him the help and accountability he needs so that this doesn’t happen to other women. 

   Another woman heard Holly’s story of being sexually assaulted in East Asia and she was able to relate as she too was assaulted when she went on a summer missions trip to India. She admitted she wanted to go back, but was afraid it might happen again. Holly got to discuss with her that there is no promise that our bodies will be safe on this side of heaven, but our souls are protected for all of eternity. Satan can do what he wants with us, but he can’t take away our soul. She felt like that was the perspective she needed to truly consider going overseas longer term. 

   Though Holly’s heart came back heavy, seeing first hand how much even Christian students struggle to walk with Jesus, she was blessed to have the opportunity to bring them the Word of God and a clear vision of what God wants for their lives if they are willing to trust Him and surrender. Thank you for partnering with us so that we can touch students lives one at a time, like these students at Cal Poly Pomona.    

   Would you please pray for Matt? He has been sick with an undiagnosed virus since September 3rd. He’s been wrestling with fevers, lack of hunger (he’s down over 25 lbs) and had been to multiple doctors and the ER. He is still getting tests done by an infectious disease doctor but has only been able to engage on campus with a limited capacity due to his need for rest. We know your prayers are powerful! Thank you! Follow the update on Matt’s health at: www.mattandhollymelton.org/health

   Please continue to pray for both of us as we disciple and raise up leaders within Cru and our church. Your partnerships with us is truly going to make an impact in generations to come! Thank you!