Personal Update & Virginia Fall Retreat


As Holly was preparing her talks for the Fall Retreat in Virginia, Briella asked if she could listen to her practice them. As Holly was speaking, she stopped and asked Briella if she knew what 1 John 4:4 meant, “He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.” Briella shook her head no. Holly explained that when Jesus is inside of us, He is greater than Satan, who is in the world. Briella asked some great questions like, “How do we know Jesus is good and Satan in bad?”

That evening, as Holly was tucking her into bed, she felt led to discuss that verse again because Briella has been scared that “bad people” will come get her at night. Holly ask if she’s ever invited Jesus into her life and she shook her head no. Holly asked if she wanted to and Briella was excited to say, “Yes!” At 3 1/2, Briella prayed in her own words a prayer to God inviting Jesus into her life. Afterward, Holly interviewed her on video asking her: “What did you just do?” “Why did you chose to do it?” “What did Jesus do for you?” “Why did He have to die?” “Where will you go after you die since you’ve made this decision?” She could clearly answer every question! It was such a joy to see her put her faith in Jesus so sincerely!


 Too many college students who love Jesus are not living in freedom. They are stuck in their own secret, habitual sins. They are stuck in unforgiveness. This hinders them from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promises them when they are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

     Five schools gathered together, including the University of Virginia and Liberty University, to learn about the freedom that comes when we walk in the Spirit. Holly spent the first evening talking through Galatians 5 and how the Holy Spirit has been given to us to overcome our flesh. The next morning, Holly talked about Stephen in Acts 6-8 and how because he was full of faith and the Holy Spirit, he was able to forgive those who took his life as the first martyr for the Christian faith. After two talks that felt like surgery on their hearts, they dove more deeply on how the Holy Spirit wants us to engage with others so that they too can experience freedom. The retreat ended on the topic of surrender and us choosing to allow the Spirit to direct our daily lives in where we go, what we do, say and give. The conversations were deep, painful, personal and freeing. Students admitted their addictions to porn, sex, image management and other things. FOUR students accepted Christ and 41 students asked the Holy Spirit to empower them so that they no longer live carnal lives, but spirit-filled ones.

Until the whole world hears,