Zhanna’s Confession

Pictured (from left to right) Emily, Suzanna, Zhanna

    It was Spring Break for students in Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma, and Montana and around 100 of them chose to spend it here in Long Beach learning how to share their faith. I (Holly) was asked to speak the first two nights on God’s heart for the lost & our part, as well as, how to hear God’s voice as we engage with others.
   I wasn’t expecting these three girls, pictured above, to approach me after I spoke. Zhanna was shaking and crying and said she didn’t know if she could talk. I told her that since she’s from Utah she wouldn’t see me again after tonight, so she can share anything with me. She said, “I feel like I’m living a lie. Every time I attend a Cru event I feel fake. I’m afraid of not having purpose in my life.” I realized then I was talking to someone who has not yet decided to follow Jesus. I asked her two friends to pray over her. As they prayed, I felt a dark, oppressive presence so I started to pray in the name of Jesus for anything oppressing her or hindering her from coming to Jesus to flee. I then read over her Psalm 139 putting her name in the poem to make it personable. I then told her it’s now time for her to decide if she wants to trust God and surrender to Him. Shaking, sobbing, she started to cry out to God, “God! I’m sorry! I want you! I want to be one with you! Please forgive me and come into my life!”

   Afterward she took a deep breath and said, “I’m free! I can breathe! I need to call Kat.” Kat had shared Jesus with Zhanna since high school and was ecstatic to hear Zhanna screaming in delight that she finally surrendered and accepted Jesus! What a privilege it was to see her go from oppression to pure joy in a matter of minutes.
Check out our video of Zhanna’s story


During this week of outreach at Long Beach State, 702 students were approached, 472 of them engaged in a spiritual conversation with 301 hearing a gospel conversations, with the result of 14 new believers!

Briella's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Briella's 1st Birthday cake

Thank you for your prayers and support as we trust God to continue to reach this next generation with the gospel!

Matt, Holly, Carter (2 yrs old) & Briella (1 yr old)