Cru Winter Conference


     Over 1,200 students gathered in Los Angeles over the MLK weekend to grow their hearts toward prayer. It was a powerful time of seeking God, hearing His voice and taking steps of radical faith.

     The first night students were challenged to surrender to their Creator God who deserves their full lives. Over 30 students walked to the front to give their lives to Jesus. The papers on the stage (bottom middle pic) display the hundreds of students who, that evening, surrendered parts of their lives that they had been holding on to.

     The next morning, Holly got to speak to the students about how “Nothing is Impossible” when we pray. She shared the story of the revival she experienced while serving in East Asia. Over 700 students came to Christ within a month due to prayer and fasting! After Holly spoke, the students were sent out to share the gospel all over L.A. Students gathered that evening, sharing story after story of their steps of faith and how lives were changed with the gospel!

     Matt was one of the professional photographers for the conference documenting all that God did that weekend. You can check out more pictures from the conference at:

     We were reminded what a battle it is for these students souls, even those who are involved with Cru, when Holly met with a student who had one question, “Can I go try sex and then ask God to forgive me after?” After over an hour of discussion, the student left with a new resolve to not be passive about how life “just happens” to you, but to be pro-active in choosing to walk in the Spirit to overcome the desires of the flesh. Please pray for students to continue to grow in living out a Biblical World view and not our cultural world view.


Update on Holly’s Health:

     On Dec 21st, Holly had to be rushed to the ER due to intense abdominal pain. The next day, she had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst the size of a softball. It had twisted, causing the excruciating pain. Praise God it was benign!

     Holly is now almost completely recovered and is looking forward to moving more, picking up her kids and wearing jeans again.

     THANK YOU to those who were praying for us and cared for us during that time. It was quite a different holiday for us, but reminded us to make each moment and each day count!

 Thank you for your prayers and partnership!