Personal Update, The Will of God Study & Cru Winter Conference

Carter Put His Faith in Jesus!

Only 3 months after Briella, Carter has decided that he wants God “inside of him”. In his batman pajamas as we were preparing for bed, Carter invited Jesus into his life and Briella clapped for joy! Only a few months ago, Carter told us he could hear God speaking to him. Here’s what he heard, “Carter, you will be a mighty man of God. I love you. Do not listen to Satan. Obey my laws.” It was a profound night and we knew that like Samuel in the Bible, God was pursuing our son. Please praise God with us as now our whole family can grow and walk with Jesus together.

The Will of God Bible Study

Holly’s study on the Will of God has been completed! If you are interested in taking a 50 day journey toward understanding God’s will for you life, please go to our website and order a copy. We are praying that CruPress will be able to publish this into an official book by the summer, but for now, we wanted to get it into the hands of people as soon as possible. Matt did all the editing and graphics. We are quite the team in how God gifted us differently, but so complimentary to further His Kingdom! You can get your copy here:

1,000 Students & Staff Gather in San Francisco

Students gathered from 6 states: California, Arizona, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and Utah from over 90 campuses. 44% of the audience was people of color. We are seeing change. We are reaching more campuses and more people groups with the gospel. Students are wanting to be sent! Holly’s role at the conference was to connect 200 students with staff for one-on-one appointments to talk about joining us in the Great Commission. Please pray that more students will go to the World this summer and after they graduate! On the day of outreach, 800+ students engaged people in spiritual and gospel conversations while also serving the city. On the night of surrender, hundreds of students walked up front to commit their lives to the Lord’s will. One girl, Arisa, came up to Holly for prayer. The first thing she said, “I want to know God’s will for my life.” She had no clue Holly had just completed her study on the will of God. Tears came to her eyes when she learned there was a resource she could study on exactly that! Please pray for Holly as she goes and speaks at ASU, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach in February on “The Will of God”. Pray students lives will be forever changed! Thank you for your prayers and partnership with us. It’s changing lives!

Until the Whole World hears…..