God’s Strategy During Nap Time

God has used the kids nap times in the past few months to strategically reach the World with the gospel. In November, I (Holly) was asked to speak on National Faith radio with Bill Arnold (during a nap time) about responding to God’s voice in everyday encounters.

You can listen to the interview here on their website or listen below. We linked the audio for you.

The day I was on, I had a migraine that just wouldn’t go away. I would have canceled the interview but it was live so I asked Matt to pray over me. Five minutes before I went on the air, I prayed as well for God to be my strength. Then I just sat there. Two minutes before I was on the air, God completely took the headache away. When I finished the interview, I remember thinking that I hadn’t really shared anything too significant and wondered why the migraine was so fierce and then miraculously taken away. Now I know…

During the same radio show, an international student was interviewed. Her name was Wu and she is from China and came to Christ here in the US with Cru’s international ministry, Bridges. Wu heard my interview which included stories from my 2 years in China and got in touch with me. She said she was heading back to China in one week for Christmas and wanted to learn how to share her faith while in her country. So, we talked for 30 minutes (during, yup, another nap time) on how to engage with other Chinese. At the end of the conversation, I asked her where she was from. You ready for this? She is from the exact city I served in and she attended the same university where I took classes! Because I knew her city, I connected her to National Staff that serves there, and over Christmas they met to further train her in evangelism. She read my book about evangelism on the plane and came back asking me if I would intentionally disciple her toward hearing the Holy Spirit’s voice in her life while she is still in the states. She is in the mid-west so I may never even meet her face to face on this side of heaven.

I have talked with her twice on the phone for discipleship (during nap time, of course) and she is already reaching out and initiating with others, sharing the gospel and even discipling other international students! She plans to head back to China after she finishes her masters in music therapy and teach at the same university I was a student at in her country! I love how God is using our kids' nap times to raise up disciples, train them in evangelism and send them to the world. Thank you for your prayers and partnership as we continue to minister to students like Wu! You are truly investing in the reaching the World for Christ!

Until the Whole World hears,